Inside My Pregnancy Hospital Bag

So, I may have been slightly early when it came to packing my hospital bag (5 weeks from my due date to be exact). It was either the nesting-pregnant-lady that urged me to get packing more than a month before my due date or even wishful thinking that Jago was going to arrive early.

So I sat on my living room floor with my small suitcase and my husbands Louis Vuitton Keepall, watching re-runs of Sex And The City and thought to myself... What the hell do I pack? Sticking to what I know best, straight to Pinterest I went. I read numerous websites and blogs and yes they were helpful and the bag was packed and ready to go, however while I was in hospital I did end up needing to send my husband home to pick up some things that weren’t on any hospital packing list that I had come across.

So today, I am going to try and save you some time and get straight to the point about what you should really pack.

For Mum:

  • Toiletries – In case you didn’t already know this, having a baby is hard.  I was very thankful for a long, hot shower and to have my toiletries there to freshen up. I brought travel sized toiletries such as:
    • Toothpaste and toothbrush
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Deodorant
    • Hair brush
    • Lip balm (This was a life saver. It must be the hospital air - my lips were like a desert) 
    • Hair tie/Headband (Great for during labour to put your hair up and out of your face)
    • Make up (If you are a make-up wearer, I would suggest even a few items. It was nice to sit on my hospital bed and just make myself feel a little more human with the swipe of some bronzer and a little mascara)
    • Moisturiser - Face and body (Again, that hospital air can be a killer)
    • Face wipes/cleanser
  • Shower towel – This is something that I did not bring that I wish I had. The towels provided by the hospital barely covered my still pregnant looking post-partum body. I would say this is a must
  • Pads – Unless you want to use the hospital pads that feel like you are sticking an entire roll of paper towel in your undies, then I suggest bringing your own pads
  • Undies – I bought a pack of large, comfortable undies that I didn’t care about ruining and used those in the weeks after giving birth (I believe the hospital does provide some if needed, but I have heard less than favourable things about those)
  • Slippers – Walking around in your room without some form of footwear just feels odd, cold and a bit yucky. Save yourself that feeling and bring some slippers
  • Pyjamas - I lived in mine basically the entire time I was in hospital as you're lying in bed most of the time, no one expects to see you in anything other than this
  • Going home outfit - Funnily enough, I forgot to pack this and my husband had to bring me an outfit the morning we were being discharged. I went with a loose fitted t-shirt (I am pretty sure it was actually one of my husbands shirts), a pair of maternity leggings and some Ugg boots. It's not a fashion show and your body is also a very awkward size, so don't overthink it
  • FOOD – This is BY FAR the most important thing on this list. They won’t let you eat once you are in labour and after my son was born, I was literally starving. Luckily for me; mum happened to have a packet of Tiny Teddies in her bag which she was carrying around for my niece and nephew from the day before. Food throughout your stay is also important - hospital food is horrendous (Dinners in particular). Have hubby run out to pick up some lunches/dinners when needed
  • Plastic Bag - For the clothes that need to be washed, you don't want them sitting with your clean clothes

For Baby:

  • Nappies and wipes - Our hospital didn't supply these so we brought our own. We brought enough nappies for a little more than three days in hospitals, approximately 30 nappies and one large pack of wipes
  • Clothes for baby – Keep it simple, dressing a newborn baby as a new parent is hard. I would also suggest bringing multiple sizes, our bub was born much smaller than we expected and my mum had to head to Target the day he was born since we didn't have any 5x0 clothing. I personally packed the following:
    • Singlets x 4
    • Onesies x 4 (I had all 4x0's)
    • Hats x 2
    • Bibs x 3
    • Mittens x 2 (These are important, our bub had very long nails and within minutes had scratched his face)
  • Dummy - Washed and sterilised if you are planning on using one
  • Muslin wraps/blankets - Wraps and blankets are multipurpose when it comes to babies so I would suggest packing a few. You can use them for swaddling, as a nursing cover or even shielding baby from the sun when leaving the hospital. Some of the muslin's I would recommend are the Aden+Anais (they are so soft).
  • Bottle feeding supplies - If you are choosing to bottle feed, I would suggest calling your hospital to see if they supply bottles and formula - if not, pack enough for a few days. The midwives will provide you with the warm water that you'll need to make up a bottle
  • Breast feeding supplies - If you are choosing to breast feed, I would pack::
    • Nursing pads
    • Nursing bra/shirt
    • Breast pump


  • Electronics – Don’t forget your phone, your charger and I would also suggest a portable battery pack. There wasn't any available plugs near our hospital bed, so my husband ended up needing to charge our phones across the room, basically on the floor - not ideal when you are keeping family updated and wanting to snap a few pics
  • Installed carseat – Enough said
  • Pen - Handy for filling out any paperwork given to you at the hospital, e.g. Birth registration forms
  • Bluetooth speakers/Ipod - To listen to music while you are in labour. We forgot to bring anything like this and all you can hear was the other women on our ward wailing in pain - not very soothing or relaxing in the slightest
  • Paperwork - Medicare card, details of your health insurance (if you have private insurance) and any hospital paperwork you need
  • Wallet - You will need money to pay for that overpriced hospital parking

There you have it – the hospital bag essentials. Like anything in parenting, you can prepare as much as possible but you won’t know what to expect until you’ve been through it, so good luck!


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